The Day after the Chick Fil-A Day

Freedom of Speech? Freedom of Religion?

What an interesting day August 1, 2012 was for Americans. Perhaps, even around the world others were watching as a unique event unfolded.

It started back a few weeks actually, where the owner of Chick-Fil-A shared that he was "pro traditional marriage." This made many people upset, but the question why is what isn't clear. For you see, the homosexual community has an opposing view, or a different one. Yet you don't see those in opposition to their view trying to go after them and their businesses. We do see it from one side, and people are up in arms for many reasons, and no, not literally up in arms.

This is really a free speech issue. We can test that and see. What is so wrong with stating one's opinion of what he agrees with? In this case, its traditional marriage. Do people have a right to never be offended? If they are offended, why? Why does a person they disagree with, matter so much to them? This whole debate runs deeper than what meets the eye. That is where the crux of this battle is taking place, that shouldn't be taking place.

Why not leave people alone? Is there some suggestion out there, that it is actually ok to hurt those that disagree with you? Is there some suggestion that only some people's freedom of speech applies? Is there some suggestion that there is only freedoms to some religions out there, and not all? If so, these are very bad, and illogical suggestions.

People are tired of the games, of seeing "gone after" for simply voicing their opinions. I don't think it got really bad until 3 different mayors, Boson being one of the outspoken cities, suggested that this man and his company not even try to ever open one of their restaurants there, or else they will have a hard time doing so! For what? For voicing his opinion that he agrees with traditional marriage, or is pro traditional marriage? How does this "follow?"

When we see such unreasonableness play out, and then so much twisting and distorting going on, we have to ask why some humans engage in such behaviors against others. Are the reasons they are suggesting, making sense, are they justifiable? No, and this is a huge clue to finding out if this is what it is really about? It should be about consistency, about truly fair rights for all, but if you look closely it isn't about those things.

Don't stop paying attention now, America. Keep your eyes open, and never ever be bullied by those that want to silence you simply for having a difference of opinion or belief. Be for freedoms for ALL people, and care about the particulars of the debates that are ensuing. Often, you can tell who is supporting a less viable position because of tactics being used, when truth doesn't suffice. Some ideas are good, some are bad. Let us be logical, reasonable people that truly care about all people. That is what I am for, and I am a fan of the Constitution of the United States of America.

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