Contempt of Congress Charges?

Wow, is this whole thing a big mess with Eric Holder and President Obama and Fast and Furious. If I had to say anything to Americans now, I would say please don't fall asleep now,or wake up if you have dozed off. This stuff is far too serious to not look into deeply for yourself.

The strong reactions from the left are especially of concern to me. It does seem to be the case that the President and those that have similar philosophies are above the law. It is an attitude we are seeing over and over. The rules simply don't apply.

I am proud of the media that is trying to stick to the facts, and point out when I feel like they aren't being totally fair to even Obama and or Holder. The thing is, they are on their side it seems, most of all. People have died. The government is hiding something. When looking at all the possible choices of what was best to do, Obama decided to keep things hidden. We keep seeing clips of him saying thing, contradicting himself.

Here is the thing, no matter what we think of the right, or conservatives now, we cannot allow the government to get away with murder. I feel like this is not only the obvious thing that it is, but more than that, it is an experiment of sorts on an American public that is not really awake or caring about all the facts. It seems this government is testing the waters just like a strong willed child. It is as if they are saying, "how much exactly, can we get away with, or when will America put her foot down, if ever?" That, is what is alarming the most, with all the things that are alarming.

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